Shooting & Editing Evidence Video: From a Legal Perspective

  • With 30+ years of exclusive experience in the Legal Imaging field, you can rest assured that the videos recorded are high resolution, have great audio clarity and capture the routines and hardships experienced by your clients (day-in-the-life).

    "Over the years, I have met many videographers seeking work in the legal field. The problem is most of them do weddings and bar mitzvahs as their regular jobs. Doesn't it make sense to use someone who exclusively works in the negligence field?" says John Afrides. John Afrides Photography, Inc. / Gold Handle Exhibits knows the intimate workings of a case and, therefore, is able to capture video from a legal perspective.

  • 30+ years experience exclusively in the personal injury field sets us apart. We've captured many accident re-enactments from dim lighting conditions, two-camera views showing a car switching into gear with no driver, to roadway glare conditions.

    All our videos are shot on high-definition equipment producing the highest picture and audio clarity.

  • Having shot hundreds of day-in-the-life videos for personal injury litigation over the years has made us an expert. Whether your client is at home or at a facility, we have the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time. Our rapport with many of the rehab facilities in the area helps smooth over many hiccups associated with today's camera shy facilities.

    Meeting the intended subject of the video prior to the actual video date helps us review the layout and specific equipment needed, but more importantly, it helps put the plaintiff and family members at ease. When we arrive on the actual video date, we're not a stranger.
  • When a plaintiff is injured at a job site a discovery and inspection is scheduled to determine the cause of the accident. Malfunctioning escalators, electric explosions and unsafe factory equipment all require video to capture the machinery while in service to determine what went wrong.

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  • Whether you need your deposition or day-in-the-life edited for an upcoming mediation or trial, our team will work independently or with you.
  • Set-up in Court or at Mediation is available with or without a technician. Equipment includes: Hi-Def projectors; screens; laptops; hi fidelity audio speakers; and much more.

    Equipment available for rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Day-in-the-Life Video
  • Multi-Camera Videos
  • Video Stills
  • Day-in-the-Life Video

    A day-in-the-life documentary captures the daily routines of your clients after their accident or malpractice.  How has their life been impacted; what obstacles must they overcome every day; how has their relationship with family changed; how does their life now compare with their life before the incident?  A well-done day-in-the-life is a powerful look into the devastating effects of an accident.  Adding this powerful tool to your arsenal can have a dramatic effect on the case's resolution.

  • Discovery and Inspections

    We become part of your expert team.  We alleviate your expert's burden of capturing the inspection whether on video and/or stills allowing his inspection to concentrate on his area of expertise.  In return, your demonstrative evidence is captured by us with the highest clarity and quality.  We have worked with experts in the fields of elevators/escalators; cranes; vehicles; trains; electricians; plumbers; security; fire; medical; and products to name a few.

  • Multi-Camera Videos

    Multi-camera videos are shot and edited to display the synched views.  Capturing the scene or re-enactment from different angles simultaneously can be a critical piece to the puzzle.

  • Video Stills

    Capturing stills from surveillance videos can make a big impact.  Not only do these depict the scene of an accident or crime, sometimes they also capture the accident/incident itself.  Although such videos are typically poor in quality, some amplifications can be made.  These include zooming-in on a particular portion of the video. 


  • Day-in-the-Life Video
  • Discovery and Inspections
  • Multi-Camera Videos
  • Video Stills
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