Capture and Preserve the Story

  • With 30 years exclusively in the field, we approach every photo job with the end result in mind - your successful resolution of the case. Photography doesn't just capture the location of an accident, it captures the story of what happened in your case.
  • Why did the two vehicles collide, what was the line of site, was there a stop sign or light, what was the distance they traveled, what did they see 50 feet from impact, 100 feet from impact. Where necessary, measurements are taken, slopes are measured, lighting conditions captured and photographed.
  • Capturing the scene, vehicle(s) or injuries early on in your case is one of the most important things you can do for your client. Scenes change, vehicles are destroyed and injuries heal – how are you going to convey this to your jury or at a settlement conference if you have nothing to show? We receive many photographs taken by investigators near the time the case was signed up and are asked to enlarge them to exhibits. Unfortunately, many of these images are of poor clarity, even blurry. Why would you take a chance on losing the only opportunity you may have to properly document locations, vehicles or injuries? You'll realize the value of great photographs when it comes time to go to trial or settle the case.
  • Our fully-equipped studio provides lighting and background control to produce the best images possible. This includes injury photos as well as products.
  • Photo documentation of construction defects utilizing blueprints and building diagrams. High accuracy instruments used to record leveling, squareness and tolerances to 64" or smaller.

Knowledge and experience are what makes the difference.

Construction Defects


Discovery & Inspections1

Site Inspections

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Heavy Machinery

Injuries / medical

Scars / Injuries

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Defective Sidewalks

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Natural Disaster Documentation





Specialties include:

  • Locations
  • Vehicular
  • Discovery and Inspections (subway, construction sites, heavy equipment, machinery, etc.)
  • Injuries on location or at our full studio
  • Micro (path slides)
  • Macro
  • Night
  • Transit cases (MTA, LIRR, etc.)


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